Are you going to sit on the sidelines — or are you going to play to win?

Without execution, even the best laid plans are only dreams.

When was the last time you experienced consistent, ongoing results?

You want to do big things in this world, there’s no doubt about that. While you’ve got the vision and the skills to accomplish anything, something is keeping you from making it happen. Goals get pushed off for days, weeks, months — then all of sudden years have passed and you’re no closer to achieving what you want. 


With a constant stream of notifications, personal distractions, global pandemics and a growing to-do list that never seems to end, sometimes focus feels impossible.


What if you could crush ALL of your 2021 goals in just 90 days? 


Imagine that goal you’ve been chasing for years. The one that keeps you up at night. The one you daydream about on your commute. The one you wish you were focusing on instead of whatever seemingly urgent task is currently demanding your attention. 


Now imagine what your life might look like if you achieved that goal in the next 90 days. 


It’s time to stop waiting for the perfect set of circumstances and to start seeing real results.

The Momentum Team 90-Day Accelerator is a program designed to help you achieve a year’s worth of goals in under three months. By using our unique, mastermind framework, you’ll learn how to achieve the freedom, income and lifestyle you want.

Game Rules

Step #1: Define your goals for the next 90 days and share them with all Accelerator members for accountability. 


Step #2: Create availability for our Pivot calls,  Weekly Wins, Reviews and other coaching activities. You don’t have to make them all, but we do require you attend at least 4 out of the 20+ we run. 


Step #3: Download and join our app to share your triumphs, challenges and questions with your fellow members. Think of it as a virtual co-working space with all your favorite work buddies. 


Step #4: Crush it. Pretty self-explanatory. 

The perks of crowdsourcing your success


For nearly 20 years, our Success Circles programs have helped entrepreneurs and business owners collectively reach over 4,400 goals. 


Will yours be next?  

— Arvin Khamseh

Demand Generation Specialist, Digital Marketing Strategist, Product Marketer

My team grew from 2 to 14 people, a past VP of a national organization is now mentoring me (this is still hard to believe for myself!!) I had so many spontaneous and courageous actions in the past 3 months. This piece really stretched my reality and I value it highly. Knowing someone else is doing it with me gave me more courage to be spontaneous.

Game-Changing Accountability from Your Own Advisory Board

When you sign up for the Momentum Team 90-Day Accelerator, you’re not just getting our exclusive playbook for success. You’re getting access to:

  • A massive referral network of people across all fields and industries who are committed to crowdsourcing your success.

  • A community of peak performance entrepreneurs who will give you feedback and connect you to resources.

  • Our members-only app where you can communicate with your peers in real-time and receive additional resources and tools.

  • In-person dinners and experiential events (when it’s safe again) for our members in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. 

  • A framework that can take you to the next level of your life in just three months. 

Meet Your Teammates


Momentum Creates More Momentum

— but only if you’re willing to do the work. 


This exclusive, virtual program is not for everyone.

Only apply if you meet the following criteria: 


  • You’re an entrepreneur or business owner with at least 2-3 years of experience. 

  • You’re open to receiving feedback from others who are a few steps ahead. 

  • You’ve invested in personal and professional development programs before (and understand the massive value they can provide). 

  • You can commit to 4 calls a month — you’re not afraid to be in the hot seat every now and then.  

  • You’re willing to be unreasonably dedicated to your dreams and will do whatever it takes to achieve them.

The next 90 days are coming.

Will you be at the top of your game? 

These next three months will come and go no matter what you choose to do.


So, you have two options: 

A) Keep inching forward at the same, slow pace you’ve been operating at for years.


B) Commit to cutting out distractions and keeping laser-like focus on your dreams with a community of likemind, peak-performance entrepreneurs who can help fasttrack your success. 


The choice is yours. 

In our game of life, everyone wins.

So mark your calendars for October 1st, 2021.

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Mark your calendars for October 1st, 2021.